The Chia Pool Directory

This list includes only those pools which are using the official pooling protocol developed by the Chia team. is a work in progress, and I'd be grateful for any feedback. You can submit a new pool for the directory here, or email me with feedback at I do my best to keep the listings accurate and up-to-date, but please don't rely on anything here as financial advice.

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I might experiment with sending email updates when news comes out regarding Chia pooling.

Netspace as reported by each pool. The directory checks this every 10 minutes, and provides the average over the past 24hrs here.

The pool may not report accurate numbers, so take this with a grain of salt. The number of blocks won recently is a more accurate gauge of total pool size.
Block wins are approximated from on-chain data. This is a more reliable measurement of pool size than the self-reported netspace number.
This is the total block rewards claimed by the pool in the last 7 days, divided by its average self-reported netspace during that time.

If the pool's daily profitability number is substantially below average, then it may be claiming to have a larger netspace than it really has.
The directory pings the /pool_info endpoint of each pool's farming URL every 10 minutes.

Downtime isn't terrible, so long as it impacts all pool farmers equally. It's not a great sign though.
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PoolNetspace (24hrs) Block Wins Est. Daily Profitability Uptime Minimum PayoutBase FeeSpecial OffersDescriptionCommunity
Space Pool (Pool.Space)
0.01 XCH1% 0% fee until Aug 8 Co-founded by Chia Youtuber Caleb Curry Discord
HPool (Official Protocol)
0.05 XCH1% WARNING: Modified implementation of official protocol. Discord
?? 15% bonus after 3 days of farming until 7/31, 0% fee Chinese-language pool
0.01 XCH1%* Loyalty and space discounts available. Discord
EcoXch (formerly EcoChia)
0 XCH1% Formerly known as EcoChia. English, Mandarin, Thai support. Android/iOS app. Discord & Telegram
?1% 0% fee until September 1 English and Korean communities. EU servers. Telegram
?TBD 0% fee at launch Telegram
0.01 XCH1% 2 XCH giveaway per day until July 21. Indefinite 0% fee. A very well-known ETH pool. Rewrote the reference pool code. Discord
0.005 XCHOptional Partnership with ChiaExplorer Discord
Chia.Garden (Pool.Garden)
0.01 XCH1% 0% fee 2 weeks post-launch Shutting down due to compliance/maintenance costs Discord
French Farmers
0.01 XCH0.1% 0% fee for 2 months Pool francophone et crypto-communauté Discord
?small farms 0%, large 0.5% 0% fee 2 weeks, lifetime beta user 0.1% discount Shutting down due to possible cross-pool attacks.
0.01 XCH1% Indefinite 0% fee Support in Chinese, English, Vietnamese. Lower fees for large farmers, referrals. Discord
?TBD 0% fee 3 months Based in Germany
0.01 XCH0.5% PPLNS, 2% PPS Join by Aug 7 for lifetime 0% fee. Plotting competition. Choose PPLNS or PPS Discord
0 XCH0.01% 0% 3-6 months, 0 XCH min payout Shutting down due to high maintenance/security costs Discord
?TBD 0% fee at launch Discord
?TBD Hosted by the team behind TrueNAS Discord
0.01 XCH0.5% Join by Aug 1 for lifetime 0% fee EU servers. Support in English and Spanish. Discord
Czech Farm
0 XCH1% 0% fee for each user's first 3 months Forum
XCH Garden
0 XCH0.3% 0% fee until August Hosted in Poland, Central/Eastern Europe community Discord
0 XCH1% Join by Aug 1 for lifetime 0% fee Based in Singapore Discord
XCH Cloud Pool
1 mojo1% Bonus XCH, 0% fee 3+ months Small team of 3 devs, also hosting a blog Discord
Elysium Pool
0 XCH0.95% Referral bonuses available USA based, reference code contributions, free plotting/farming support Telegram
?0.5%-1% 0% fee for 3 month EU company. Also sells plots. Discord
Pool Force
0.01 XCH1% 0% fee until 2022 EU servers. PPLNS payouts @ 12 UTC. Twitter
0 XCH0.5% 0% fee until 10/5/21, 0.05% until 1/6/22, then 0.5% Czech servers. Central/Eastern Europe community. Discord
?1% 0% fee in their 1st month, 0.5% thru 2nd. Discounts for >1PB farmers. Hispanic and Latin American pool, from "Chia Toolkit" devs. Discord
0 XCH1% 0% fee until 9/1/21 Pool is fully open source (MIT license) Discord

Inactive or Upcoming Pools:

PoolNetspace (24hrs)Block WinsEst. Daily ProfitabilityUptimeMinimum PayoutBase FeeSpecial OffersDescriptionCommunity
Foxy Pool
?TBD Discord
The Green Pool (.org)
?TBD Discord
?TBD Also planninga Chia gaming platform Discord
?TBD A German-speaking pool Discord
The Green Pool (.io)
?TBD Chia farmers from Central Europe
Guppy Pool
?TBD Lean on mailing list for opinions on fees/rewards/prizes
?TBD Advertising towards Australian farmers
South 40 Pool
?TBD Unknown
?Pay what you want None "First European Chia farming pool"
Belly Flop Club
?TBD Unknown Positive vibes only